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Nov 04, 2013 by Anthony Lucci

No activation fee, no contract and affordable price. I also got a free extra button and a lockbox.

Nov 04, 2013 by Mark Lexington

I have no complaints for this product. I chose this service for my mother who is battling with Alzheimer's. I make her wear it on her wrist that way it's harder to take off. Sometimes she presses the button by accident but the responders are so nice about it, it makes my job easier.

Nov 04, 2013 by Doug Gatelli

the product was delivered on time. The customer service was outstanding and willing to help. At my age, it's hard to let go of your home and live in an assisted living facility. I still want to be independent. My doctor mentioned the product to me when I refused to consider moving into a nursing home. I'm glad i have it even though I haven't had the need to use it yet.

My Guardian Angel

Nov 04, 2013 by Linda Morasco

My son wanted me to move into an assisted living facility since he couldn't be around everyday to help me. At the age of 82, being home alone during the day can get risky. I refused to live alone anywhere other than my son's house. I talked to my doctor about it and they recommended a medical alert system. After my son researched and compared the companies we went Medical Guardian because of the service they offered. I am still 82 and living safely in my son's house.

There When I Needed It

Nov 04, 2013 by Victoria Handler

I tripped over the lamp cord last month, ended up knocking my tooth out along with it. Thank goodness for the button, I was able to talk to someone and they stayed on the line with me until the ambulance got there. We were about to communicate through the base unit. I am very satisfied with my button.

Saved My Life

Nov 04, 2013 by Mike Mann

I purchased the system when my mother in law needed assistance walking, and I’m glad I did. The service is great and the setup was very hassle free.

Great system!

Oct 28, 2013 by Tom Jones

Shipped quickly - great service.

Medical Alert System Reviews , USA 4.6 5.0 17 17 I recently received my device, it was delivered as promised. I am a new customer so I haven’t has to use my button yet which I’m thankful for.